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Welcome to Business Archives in Scotland

Scotland has had a strong business archive sector for over 50 years and in 2011 a National Strategy for Business Archives in Scotland was developed and launched. It aims to make business archives in Scotland valued, representative of economic activity and innovation and accessible to all in order to ensure the survival of the nation’s important business records and industrial heritage. 

The Scottish Council on Archives supports business archives in Scotland and this section of the website contains an overview and more information about business archives as well as the National Strategy for Business Archives in Scotland.  Information is also available on:

  • The strategy, its development, goals and current action plans.
  • What the Implementation Group is doing.
  • The benefits business archive collections can offer business and society.
  • Case studies showing how business archives can be used as a business asset.
  • Resources to help creators, custodians and users to manage and access business archive collections.
  • The key collections in Scotland. 

News and updates are available from our blog, including our review of implementation in 2011 shown below.