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SCA Archives Awareness Campaign 2011: The Edible Archive

Released on 06/07/2011

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make strawberry acid, or how to pickle cockles like a 19th century fish wife? Did you ever want to share a gem of a family recipe that’s been handed down through several generations?  Would you be interested in sampling a Regency era seed cake that once doubled as a ‘cure for madness’?

This year’s National Archives Awareness Campaign theme is Culture and Diversity, ‘What’s your story?’  As part of this year’s campaign, the SCA is inviting archives and members of the public across Scotland to contribute recipes from their collections and personal cookbooks. Your contributions will be included in an archival cookbook, The Edible Archive.   

The food we eat is a reflection of who we are, where we’ve been, and where we live. The recipes we keep and use reveal aspects of our family and national history and culture. With your help, we aim to compile a collection of recipes spanning several centuries, ranging from the familiar to the bizarre.  We’re hopeful that The Edible Archive will represent the diversity of the regions, communities and archival collections across Scotland.

Our ultimate goal for this year’s campaign is to bring the recipes to life by staging a feast based on selected recipes from The Edible Archive cookbook.  Once we have collected your submissions, we plan to approach local colleges, restaurants and suppliers to canvass for their participation and sponsorship of the campaign.

If you have a unique, traditional or interesting recipe in your collection, (if possible) please include an image, some information about the history of your recipe and submit it to info@scoarch.org.uk 

We want to encourage the users of archives and members of the public to participate in the project. Below is a flyer inviting contributions from archive users and the wider community. Please feel free to post this advert in your archives and on notice boards in your local community.

We need all of your contributions and support so please get involved!

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