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ARA Conference Brighton 2012 Call For Papers: Progression, Innovation and New Landscapes

Released on 11/11/2011

Archives and Records Association Annual Conference (Brighton 29 – 31 August 2012)

CALL FOR PAPERS on the theme of 'Progression, Innovation and New Landscapes’. The ARA welcome proposals relating to the theme and, in particular, to the following areas:

     Co-operation and partnerships: is bigger better? 

     Meeting the requirements of new users and stakeholders

     New governance and trusts

     Communicating outside the sector

     Managing the digital environment

     What is the future of records management and archives: what are

we for?

     New innovations in conservation and preservation


Proposals from across the sector (archivists, records managers and conservators) are welcomed as well as papers from related and other professions.

There will be two main tracks to the conference, an Archives & Records Management track, and a Preservation & Conservation track. There will also be an afternoon of workshops relating to the theme.

The deadline for submission of proposals is:  15th December 2011.


The Programme Sub-committee welcomes contributions and ideas for conference sessions from both individuals and groups for single speaker or group speaker sessions in a variety of formats including:

     traditional sessions

     focused debates on specific topics

     panel discussions


     practical demonstrations

     sessions encouraging audience participation or debate

     workshops (as outlined above)

Please submit your proposal, in the format suggested below, to:

 Caroline Brown (Convenor, Programme Sub-committee)

c.z.brown@dundee.ac.uk   01382 388773


Submissions will be considered by the Programme Sub-committee in December, and invitations to speak will be confirmed by the Committee by February 2012. Speakers will be reimbursed travel expenses and will receive free conference registration for the day on which they are speaking.

     Try to connect your proposal to the theme of the conference as best you can. The theme is designed for speakers to bring topics to light that touch on contemporary issues

     Try to be creative with your paper! How will your paper stimulate debate?

     Please provide as full information as you can about your proposal – this helps the Committee in making choices about papers and scheduling of sessions

     Try to be relevant and representative: consider looking at a topic from opposing viewpoints, or focus on the broader picture rather than institutionally specific ones

     If you are considering making a group submission for a session, try to mix speakers from different backgrounds and institutions, or try to include a user or customer perspective


Your proposal should include the following:

Name of proposer (or lead contact for group proposals), Institution, Contact details, Submission title (or working title), Speakers (if a panel session), Brief statement of link to main theme, Session description (brief description, max 250 words), Special equipment needed (AV equipment etc), Any other information. 

For further information, or if your have any further questions, please contact:


Caroline Brown (Convenor, Programme Sub-committee, ARA Conference)

e-mail: c.z.brown@dundee.ac.uk

phone: 01382 388773