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2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Records - The National Archives Seek Feedback on Draft Guidance

Released on 12/01/2012

The National Archives (TNA) is working with many partners to ensure that records created before, during and after the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Cultural Olympiad are properly managed, permanently preserved, and appropriately shared – wherever these records are held.


TNA have produced 3 draft guidance notes to support this work. They are seeking feedback on the drafts as part of our review of web resources and online guidance. They aim to publish these as part of a commitment to support the care and development of archival collections and services.


Archives Principles and Practice: an introduction to archives for non-archivists:

The purpose of this guide is to support people who own or look after archive material. It will help them to assess and plan for the care and development of collections of all sizes – from a small storage cupboard to the contents of a large storeroom.

This guidance is mainly aimed at people who look after or own archives, but who are not professional archivists and need some simple guidance. It may also be useful to heritage professionals who have archives in their care and need guidance to improve what they can do.  Finally, this note may help archivists in small organisations explain requirements to their colleagues and parent bodies.

Web Archiving Guidance explains what web archiving is and how it can be used to capture information which is published online. It is aimed at people who are new to the concept of web archiving, and those who may have heard about it, but are unsure of potential options and methods available.

It is suitable for archivists, records managers and those with responsibility for archives, records and information. It is also suitable for people who maintain their own websites.

Collection Development toolkit and guidance:

These tools and guidance have been developed by The National Archives to help organisations and groups to:

  • review and develop their collections

  • identify gaps and risks

  • safeguard their collections

  • consider short and long-term needs for preservation and access

It encourages collection development to ensure that diverse aspects of modern life are represented within archives. It is aimed at both established and new archive collections and services. It may be useful to any organisation keen to develop and safeguard their archives.


The draft guidance is available online here: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/information-management/projects-and-work/guidance-feedback.htm


Further information on TNS's work to secure a network of distributed collections related to the 2012 Games and Cultural Olympiad is available online here: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/information-management/policies/cultural-olympiad.htm

Feedback is welcomed by 12th February, 5pm.