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ARA Archive Volunteering Award 2012 - Nominate Your Archive Service!

Released on 03/02/2012

Do you want peer recognition for excellence?  Do you need evidence to show your effective engagement with volunteers?  If so, why not nominate your archive service for the ARA Archive Volunteering Award?


Winners will have a national platform to celebrate their volunteers’ contribution to the service and gain publicity for their archive’s role in supporting individuals and community through volunteering programmes.


The Archives and Records Association seeks to celebrate the role of volunteers in supporting archive services, and to collect good practice case studies to inform the wider sector.  This award is a key strand of the work of ARA’s PSQG sub-committee on Volunteering, bringing to life the recommendations of NCA’s 2009 Volunteering in Archives report.  The award is also supported by The National Archives, CyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales (a division of the Welsh Government), and the Scottish Council on Archives. 


Cementing ARA’s new position in the archive sector, this award is open to archives across the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Awards will be publicised widely throughout and beyond the sector.

We welcome nominations for the award.  A short nomination form is available from the ARA website http://www.archives.org.uk/campaigns/volunteering-awards.html and organisations may nominate projects, or ongoing volunteer programmes, that ran during 2011/12.


Nominations will be assessed against three key outcomes:

A) Impact on volunteers

B) Impact on service

C) Wider impact


Completed nomination forms need to be returned to volunteeringaward@archives.org.uk by the end of National Volunteers Week – 7 June 2012.


If you have any queries about the award please contact Sally Bevan, Volunteering Awards Administrator, (020 7332 3820) or via volunteeringaward@archives.org.uk