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PANCAKE DAY! Have a go at the 18th Century Edible Archive recipe for Orkney Pancakes...

Released on 21/02/2012

Celebrate Pancake Tuesday with this wonderful recipe from Orkney Islands Council Archive: 

Orkney Pancakes (Makes About 10)


2 Eggs                                      110g Plain Flour

50g Melted Butter                200ml Milk

Half a Grated Nutmeg          Dash of Brandy (optional)



Whisk the eggs into the flour and gradually add the milk and continue to whisk until the batter is smooth. Mix in the brandy and nutmeg.


Ladle quantities of the batter into a hot pan, greased with the butter. Each pancake will take less than 30 seconds, flipping in between.


As the original recipe says, “... let your pann be hot and serve them up nicely ...”


Orkney Islands Council - Library and Archive 

The archives of Orkney Islands Council holds a wealth of historical records and information relating to the region. The recipe for pancakes comes from a cookery book held within the papers associated with Walter Traill Dennison (1825-1894), a farmer, local historian, short story writer, poet, folklorist and religious leader.


The front and back covers explain a little about the owner of the recipe book—a note on the cover states that it belonged to Margaret Traill, daughter of John Traill of Elsness, who married James Traill of Woodwick in 1712.



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