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What are the benefits of accreditation?

An Archives Accreditation Scheme is expected to bring benefits across six core areas. These may be summarised as 'The 6 Ps':

1. Performance: a UK-wide quality standard which offers a benchmark and stimulus for gauging performance, recognising achievement, ensuring value for money and driving continuous improvement.

2. Profile: a mechanism for raising awareness and understanding of archives, building confidence and credibility both within parent organisations and externally.

3. People: a process to help archive-holding organisations adapt and respond to user needs and to support workforce development.

4. Partnerships: a tool to help archives examine their offer more widely and to encourage collaborative working within and between organisations.

5. Planning: a robust framework for facilitating forward planning, improving procedures and policy, and reducing organisational risk.

6. Patronage: a badge of recognition which demonstrates quality services to supporters, donors and grant-making bodies, strengthening funding applications, attracting philanthropic giving and fostering investor trust.