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A National Strategy

A National Strategy for Business Archives in Scotland was developed in 2010 on behalf of the Scottish Council on Archives by the BACS in partnership with the Ballast Trust and with the support of the National Archives of Scotland. 

An Implementation Group has been formed to drive forward the strategy through annual action plans.

Strategy Goals

The strategy was published in August 2010 and made recommendations for business archives in the public and private sectors in Scotland.  It complements the National Strategy for Business Archives (England and Wales)  published in July 2009, adopting the goals set out in that strategy. 

To promote, manage and exploit the archival legacy of Scottish business by:

I.    Raising awareness among businesses of the value of their records and archives, and providing guidance and support from the professional archive community.

II.    Increasing the number of corporate sector business archives and of business collections in public sector and other repositories.

III.    Raising the profile of business records with the public, and throughout the national archival network, while promoting wider usage and exploitation.

IV.    Raising standards in the care of business archives through best practice exemplars, professional training and an improved funding and support infrastructure.

Both strategies share the same goals and the sponsors aim to work together wherever possible, acknowledging that business and industry recognise no borders.  However, the Scottish strategy has developed a separate set of actions to reflect the different challenges of the Scottish context, issues of devolution and previous work undertaken by the BACS and Scottish records community.


The strategy was formally launched on 20 January 2011 at the Museum on the Mound by George MacKenzie, Keeper of the Records of Scotland.  Eight new case studies were unveiled at the launch, featuring Tennent's, Diageo and Lloyds HBOS archives.  These are available on the business case studies section of this website.

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