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Here are links to a variety of resources to help you whether you are creating, caring for or using business archives.  The Business Archives Scotland blog has the latest information about the Strategy, useful resources and business archive related news.

For businesses

It is essential businesses know how to manage their records and maximise their potential as a business asset. The National Strategy explains the importance of business archives and their benefits to business. 

  • The Managing Business Archives site provides a complete guide to help businesses manage their archives.
  • The Law Society's guidance on depositing records and documents with public sector archives - aimed at solicitors, office managers or personnel responsible for case files or storage of solicitors' files and records.
  • Scottish Business Information Service - a resource from the National Library of Scotland for businesses to access business information or commission research.

For archivists

Business records can benefit from specialist knowledge when processing them and making them available to the public.  The Business Archives Council of Scotland are specialists in business archives and can help organisations to list their business collections, clear identified backlogs and make business archives accessible to users.  

  • Technical records - the Ballast Trust can help archives with collections of technical records by offering advice on managing and understanding technical plans, drawings and photographs.
  • Financial records - the BACS has shared the Financial Training Resources from an event held in 2008 on financial records at the Museum on the Mound, Edinburgh.   This training was aimed at archivists who care for collections that include financial records. The training included an overview of the history of accounting, the common types of records found and their function and look at the issues of appraisal.

For users

Business archive collections are rich sources of information that can enhance personal family research, the understanding of local history and form the basis of academic research projects.  

  • The National Register of Archives is the best place to start a search for a particular collection or records of a specific industry.  
  • A guide to using business records for family history is available as a leaflet to get you started.
  • Using business records for family and local history - the slides for a presentation given in October 2010.