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Education and Learning

Educators and Archivists

Many Stories, One Scotland reflects the commitment, enthusiasm, professionalism and determination of educators and archivists. They have come together for a common purpose – to harness the richness and breadth of Scotland’s archival heritage in order to enrich and further broaden Scottish education.

The Future of the Nation

It is oft repeated that today’s children and youth are the future of the nation. Whatever supports, broadens and deepens their education is of value to all of us. It is right that they should have access to and ready use of the archival heritage of the nation. Opening up that heritage will encourage and support children and youth in their understanding of what has moulded the Scottish people and made them what they are today.


The SCA is committed to furthering strategies that increase the impact of archives, potential and actual. In pursuing that overarching purpose, the SCA recognises that co-operation with experts outside the archives sector strengthens that sector and helps it to deliver across a much wider canvass.

A National Plan 

Many Stories, One Scotland brings together two sets of skills, those of the educator and those of the archivist, but it is the educator that is in the driving-seat. In other words, the Plan is not about archives as such. It is about how educators can make use of the richness of the archives to support the Curriculum for Excellence. It is about helping them in the on-going development of ‘Learning about Scotland’.

This innovative Plan is built on the strong foundations of the existing work of archivists in the area of education. It is appropriate that those significant and successful efforts are highlighted. Hence, case studies have been included, though they can only provide a flavour of what has already been achieved.

The Pilot Project

The pilot project that flows from Many Stories, One Scotland will focus on schools – primary and secondary - in areas of social disadvantage, both urban and rural. It thus supports the equality agenda. It will be built on partnerships with educational and archival professionals, but there will be a strong emphasis on working with local communities and on bringing parents and children into the learning environment. The Scottish Council on Archives is proud to be associated with that pilot and with the Plan that will help to deliver it successfully.   

Further details on the Pilot Project will be released in due course. For now, you can download Many Stories, One Scotland below.

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