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Preservation Assessment Surveys

From 2009, in collaboration with the Preservation Advisory Centre at the British Library and the National Archives of Scotland, the SCA allocated funding for a total of 15 Preservation Assessment Surveys to be taken up by archivists and records managers across Scotland.

The surveys have been devised by the Preservation Centre at the British Library, and the evidence collected by individual services is collated and fed into a database which produces an overall picture of the condition and preservation needs of collections across the UK. The funding provided for this initiative helps to ensure that Scotland is adequately represented in the national picture.

Institutions that have completed the survey are:

Aberdeen City Archive

Edinburgh City Archives



The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh

Institutions who are in the process of completing the survey:

The Scottish Catholic Archives

Dundee University

East Lothian Council Archives

East Renfrewshire

Glasgow City Archive

Moray Council

Stirling Council

Scottish Borders Archive

Shetland Museum and Archives

Western Isles Archives Service

West Lothian Council Archives


A report from the Preservation Advisory Centre at the British Library on the current status of Preservation Survey Assessments being completed by Scottish Archives can be downloaded below.

Updates on the Preservation Assessment Surveys being completed by Scottish Archives will be posted on the Notice Board and on the SCA blog. For further information about Preservation Assessment surveys and conservation and preservation issues, visit the Preservation Advisory Service website.



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