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Records Retention Schedule Project (SCARRS)

Welcome to the homepage of the Scottish Council on Archives Records Retention Schedule (SCARRS) project. The main output of this project was to create generic retention schedules for Scottish local authority records and make them freely available from the website to help local authorities determine what series of records should be kept and for how long. This should help to achieve a consistency across local authorities and reduce the amount of duplicated effort with individual records managers constantly having to research legislation and guidelines for themselves.

 As the schedules cover internal functions such as finance, human resources and management as well as front line services, they will also be a useful resource for the wider Scottish Public sector community.

Please note that these schedules are offered as generic guidance only and will have to be adjusted to fit local requirements. Further guidance on the practical use of the generic schedules can be found in “Guide to the Retention Schedules"

This area of the SCA website provides you with access to the retention schedules, related guidance and information about the project itself.

If you have any questions, feedback or queries about this project, please email info@scoarch.org.uk or contact the SCA office on 0131 535 1362

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