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Disposal Action

The disposal action (sometimes called “fate”) indicates what should happen to the records when they have reached the end of the retention period.  The following disposal actions are used in the schedules:


Disposal Action

Things to consider


Do you have a “Records Destruction” procedure? If so, does this cover electronic as well as paper records?


How can you be sure all records and copies are destroyed when they are dispersed across different locations and formats including line of business applications?


Have you identified responsible owners of records within Council departments and are they clear about their responsibilities?

Retain for business/ historical value

Disposal action here will need to be based on local circumstances e.g. how will records retained for business value be made accessible to those who need them.


Do you have a preservation strategy that takes account not just of paper records but also of digital records?

Review for business/ historical value

Is it clear in procedures or in the deposit documentation that the selection of records for historical value is a job for the records and archives professional, albeit with advice from the records creator if required?  


Do you have procedures in place for second and subsequent reviews of records retained for business value?