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Scotland Online Project

Scottish Archive Network (SCAN)  - Context

Established in 2004, the SCAN site is currently administered through the National Records of Scotland. The SCAN project included extensive cataloguing of collections. Many SCAN partners, including the NRS, still use CALM software to catalogue and maintain their data.

There are currently 52 partners in SCAN with approximately 59,000 catalogue entries of which c28,000 are at fonds (collection) level and c18,500 at file or item level. A link to the current SCAN catalogue can be found here.

SCAN - Scotland Online Project - Phase 1

In 2009, a report was commissioned by the Scottish Council on Archives, and was prepared by independent consultants Julian Tomlin and Martin Bazley. The brief for this phase of the SCAN - Scotland Online project was to investigate the current provision of archive catalogues in Scotland, and to scope the potential size of Scottish archives online.

The final report for this phase of the project includes a review of the current SCAN website and infrastructure recommendations on its future, focussing on the online catalogue. A summary of the final report can be downloaded below.

SCAN - Scotland Online Project - Phase 2

SCAN Ltd. has contributed funding for the Scottish Council on Archives to employ a consultant to take forward the next phase of the Scotland Online project.

The purpose of this phase of the project is to identify the scope and technological options for the catalogue, agree with SCAN about their role, and to develop bid(s) for external funding to HLF, or other funding bodies, as appropriate to fund the final phase of the project. 

The current phase of the Scotland Online Project is being led by Caroline Williams, a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool and an Independent Archival Consultant based in Chester. Caroline has been directing consultations, which included an online survey, and has now produced a report with recommendations for the final phase of the SCAN - Scotland Online project. The report can be downloaded below.  

Updates and further information on the progress of this project will be available on the Notice Board and SCA blog in the coming months. If you have any questions about this project, please contact info@scoarch.org.uk

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