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Scotland's Archives Matter

This Scottish Council on Archives publication seeks to achieve these objectives:

·         to serve as an introduction to the world of archives

·         to act as a source of information that will encourage exploration and enquiry

·         to be a persuasive advocacy document highlighting the importance of the archives and records

          management sector.

The publication is both informative and  visually attractive, filled with thought- provoking commentary and stunning images.

We hope you will take the time to read it. We hope you will feel enthused enough to discuss it with others. We hope it will help highlight the amazing collections held across Scotland, and those archivists, conservators and records managers that care for them. Above all, we hope you enjoy it.

These pages showcase the work of Scotland's archives and illustrate their vital importance not only as priceless cultural treasures, but also as a critical part of modern Scottish society.

"An important part of deciding where we want to go, as a society and culture, is knowing where we have come from, and indeed, how far we have come."
(Sara Sheridan, Scottish Author)
Scotland's Archives Matter offers a glimpse into the amazing range of archives held by an equally amazing range of bodies, large and small, across Scotland.  Archives are a shared inheritance and, in that sense, democratic.  They are about the people and in a very special sense they belong to the people.  They are our archives.  They tell our stories.  I am confident that Scotland's Archives Matter will help to deliver that message loud and clear.”
(Fiona Hyslop MSP, extract from speech launching the SCA’s Scotland’s Archives Matter)

"Scotland’s Archives Matter provides a fascinating overview of the excellent work done by Scotland’s record-keeping community. Across different sectors and spanning a wide range of formats – from hand-written to born-digital - our archives professionals are securing the unique evidence of Scotland’s progress for researchers of all types, amateur and professional alike. As this delightful publication shows, the preservation of these materials both supports the enquirer and inspires the artist."

(John MacColl, University Librarian & Director of Library Services, University of St Andrews)

Download Scotland's Archives Matter below. 

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