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What we do

What We Do

The work we do falls under the following four broad headings:

  • Research and evidence – collecting information on the state of archive services in Scotland, and evidence of good practice;
  • Advocacy – making the case to funding bodies, including the Scottish Government, for continued investment in archive services in Scotland;
  • Marketing – promoting to visitors the opportunities for research and learning offered by Scottish archives;
  • Development – providing training, skills sharing and development opportunities to those working in Scottish archives.


This year we are employing consultants to deliver a series of scoping projects, including:

  • Extending electronic catalogues online to include item level descriptions;
  • Developing a quality framework/self-assessment template for archive services in Scotland;
  • Exploring the concept of a national sound archive for Scotland.

Other activities for 2009-10 will include the publication of a brochure entitled “Archives Matters” to promote the importance of archive services to Scotland, and a small grants scheme to be announced shortly.