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Records and archives are at the very heart of our society – they protect our rights, they underpin good governance and transparency, and tell us who we are as individuals and communities.  All of us rely on the information and evidence from records, usually without realising it.

We intend to support exisiting and new users of archives and records services in Scotland by offering information and news any events happening in your area.  We will feature a different archive every month, so check back regularly to find out more about visiting archives for workshops, talks, exhibitions, and even the opportunity to volunteer at your local archive.

What to expect when you visit an archive

Most archives, in particular small local services, are not open all the time, so it is a good idea to email or call ahead to check when they are open and let the staff know when you intend to visit.  Most archive services have websites where they publish opening dates and times and give information about what you need to bring and whether an appointment is necessary.  Here they will also give details of the kinds of records they hold.  See below for a link to the Scottish Archive Network, where you can search catalogues online and browse a directory of archive services in Scotland.